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More to come.

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Fucking birthday. Again. Silly blue pony and mean pony-on-a-stick confirm it. I'll probably have a drink at MEAT on Thursday. Failing that, I'll definitely have several at neuro6 on the 8th. Two words-back room. And no, i won't elaborate on that. And fwiw, there are several of you who are not allowed to worry about money on the 8th. You know better than that by now. Tsk! Anyhow. There. You've been warned, and I've got way too many places to sleep at my house for any crap, at least on the 8th.

Goodbye, Sean

I have to believe that you've found a place that treats you better than this one did. Still, I miss you. I can only hope that our paths cross again, somehow. You were, and will always be irreplaceable.


My god. They certainly don't address this in the fucking manual.

Hey M-MC and/or Scott!

Email me or some such similar nonsense, I need to pick your brains about possibly getting my A cert, and I need to make a move soon, either way.


Not going to waste time on reviews or other things that would generate endless babble on my part.
This season came w/ a few surprises, one of them being the suck factor of this year's WinterHook, and the fact that a Biersch brew, this year's WinterBock, ended up making my likey-list. There was a come-from-behind surprise, given my distaste for the year-round Biersch's, and the difficulty of acquiring a good bock or a double in this neck of the woods.

-Unibroue Maudite (aka the Damned)
-Lagunitas Censored Ale, aka the Kronik
-Gordon Biersch WinterBock
-North Coast Old Rasputin
-Bear Republic Red Rocket Ale
-Abitas TurboDog (yes, I actually found this and liked it!)
-Lagunitas Lumpy Gravy seasonal
-Young's Double Chocolate Stout
-Lagunitas Cappucino Stout
-Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout
-Speakeasy Prohibition Ale
-Alaskan Smoked Winter Ale
-Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale
-Samuel Smith's Winter Warmer
-Young's Oatmeal Stout
-Lost Coast Downtown Nut Brown
-Firestone Walker Double-Barrel Ale

Coulda-Lived-Withouts (this list ranges from the disappointing drinkables to the kitchen drain cleaners)
-Boont Amber Ale
-Anchor Brewing Special Christmas Ale
-Deschutes Black Butte Porter
-Oregon Honey Beer (real Drano)
-Redhook WinterHook (jeez, guys, you really squared that wheel)
-Pyramid Brewing SnowCap (what was I thinking there?)

...I'm sure I'm leaving a decent number of mentionables out, update to come later. Feel free to argue like children over any of this. :-)


One word: WHEE


I was reminded the other day... myspace is fucking annoying. Yes, yes, I'm already wearing the Capt. Obvious cape, whatever.

I can't possibly thank the people responsible for this, but my belated bday party at N6 was the shit. Seriously, that whole day was going south, and then whaddya know. Bazil's throwing down a mean fucking set, Laura shows up with a grouchy pony, people were dancing, I suddenly remember how to DJ... it was a beautiful thing. Muchas gracias to all of you folks that ventured out (my god, there were a lot of you that I've never even seen before, which obviously means you're not reading this). If you haven't yet, YOU'RE MISSING IT.

NeuroSix. 2nd Fridays, Julie's, a handful of drunk DJ's (Makita, Kyronfive, and Apex (me)) playing completely indefensible, non-avant-garde, 4-on-the-floor noize, EBM, old-skool flat-out industrial, and whatever the fuck else we wanna, as long as it ain't futurepop. Booze, dancing, validated parking, and a money-back guarantee. We'd throw in a free toaster, but combining liquor and appliances seems like a bad idea.

We have a new drink special too... the 5150. More on that later.

Kris's new night at Legion (Strap, 3rd Saturdays) was actually really fun, too. Nothing like stacking a floor at 4:30 on a Sunday morning. I think I'm finally on the mend as a DJ, which couldn't have come too soon. I needed a cookie. I *still* need to replace all the stolen CD's, though, which is so time-consuming/irritating/costly/blech. But whatever. I got to play Ice Cube, so I'm happy.

Okay. I've got a whole bunch of SSL manual to memorize, and I'm already stuck on stupid. And that 9a lecture is gonna hurt as it is. And memo to Neve: STOP CALLING THEM CANS. IT SOUNDS DUMB.

So, yeah. HI.


Nothing says "Birthday" like having a fucking podcast, live and functional on your flash site, playing in the flash player you have to write and integrate. Even better when that due date is followed by nine straight hours of class. It'll be the day after my birthday before I get out.

Yeah. FUCK the birthday thing. HATE HATE HATE.