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Holy crap it's the intarweb!

Wow the servers in my lab are bogged the.fuck.down. That, and until this last week, I've been pulling 15-16 hr shifts in said lab, trying to get my shit done for this podcast I'm producing.

Yes, boys and girls, I'm subjecting myself to the world of new media. There's a rant I won't even bother going into. Suffice it to say, in my estimation, people understand the meaning of the term, "new media," about as well as they tend to understand the term, "post-modern." In short, they haven't the slightest, but tossing it around makes them feel smart. More like SMRT.

N6 is Friday, July 13th. Whoooooooooo Friday the 13th. I hope I'll get to see some major bootie-shaking attendance plz.

So. WTF kinda great LJ drama did I miss? Spill. Now.

Postcard from the edge?

It's been *way* too long since I posted in this thing. I'm sure you're all relieved. ;)

It's a horrifying housey track, but 92.7 keeps playing a song that's deceptively happy-girl-take-me-home-I-like-house-music, and has the fucking hysterical lyrics (that I'm probably paraphrasing by a conjunction or two, but whatever):
"Keep your drink just gimme the money
It's just you and your hand tonight."

Come in, hammer. This is nail. You just hit me on the goddamn head. Over.

Also, things are INSANE this month (are you that surprised?), but Peter and I have been chasing our tails even trying to get a flyer out, so:

Don't fucking forget!

Next Friday, May 11th
Julie's Supper Club
On Folsom, just before 7th
In stereo, even!

w/ special, awesometacular, guest DJ Makita (Die Maschinen)
and the N6 resident girls, Apex (ADR, NG6) and KyronFive (Das Bunker, NG6)

We've somehow managed to trick a surprising number of you into coming out the last couple months, and we've even managed to have some fun, here and there. The sound system is greatly improved, the drinks are good/strong/cheap, we still validate parking in the lot next door, and us DJ's are still solemnly sworn to play whatever the fuck we want, as long as it's hard/fast/loose, at least until we start getting salaries and benefits, goddammit.

Kidding. Sort of. Actually, not really.
Your orders are to come out, booze up, and riot.
Do it. Do it now.
Oh, wait... do it next week. Yeah. Do it next week.

More boring details:
Friday, 5/11/07
9:30 p.m. - 2 a.m.
FREE before 10, $5 after
21+ w/ ID, please (still)



EDIT: This joke brought to you by xanathas, who never, ever gets to accuse me of being a girl again.  :P


Actually, I'm still kinda crabby about the whole hour of sleep I got today, and all the pain-in-the-assery there's been.
Through a series of strange and uninteresting coincidences, I drove through Richmond (wow, I'd plant a ghetto there, too.  good call, guys.), and wound up discovering where the fuck Pinole actually is.  Went to Target, stumbled into a couple items that were part of things on my to-do list, and decided to take on one of those to-do's.  Had a late lunch (that I still haven't finished, actually) with Bacon, first.

Two totally supertastic awesomazing things of great importance:

1.  I healed the crack in my driver's side headlight lens, and re-set it properly in my bent core support, so it actually points at the road now.  Also swapped out my totally German-car-nose-in-the-air 9004's for a set of Silverstar 2's.  They're actually not as bad as I thought; I'd normally have spent $90-$120 (this is sponsored price, mind you) on a set of a warrantied PIAA whites.  These were $30 for the pair (no warranty, but Sylvania/Osram isn't a bad brand, so I expect an acceptable lifespan from them), and they're still far inferior to any of the PIAA 9004's, but they're not blue, and they're damn bright for the price.  I have officially joined the ricers, kids... it's all downhill from here.

2.  I'm gonna be on the Front Line Assembly DVD! *faints* 
Okay, so I'm actually going to be on the "extras" disc, but dood.  There will be commerically available record of the fact that Bleeb likes my stank.  Or that the general internet public likes my boobs.  Really, I could care less.  It only further proves my theory regarding my non-need for feminism.  Cam-whore HI MOM!  ;)

Random dog pics

A handful of shots off my last phone (and some from my digicam), of the doggies.  Most are from the old place in MV, a few are from the Cookie Factory, and there's one from Paul's (gasp!).  Thumbnails are clickable for full-size.  Also planning similar post/s of the cars, and maybe even a few of myself/old friends/ex's along the way, as well.

Doggies!Collapse )

More Google "Smart" Ads.

Smart? No. Disturbing? Yah. Fucking hysterical? Yes. Made me snarf my Coke, anyway.

Apparently, I'm a potential college student, who likes to party, and has a real penchant for fowl play. Pun absolutely intended.

Party on a Duck
Combine nightclub with a duck ride
Amphibious party departs Gaylord

Polepeople pole dancing
Classes, Courses and Hen Parties
for Fitness and Fun!

Who Is Getting In Where?
See the qualifications & admissions decisions of real students! Free.

I really couldn't bring myself to click-through... I don't think I want to know what in fresh hell a "hen party" is, and I REALLY don't want to know anything about how you combine a nightclub with a duck ride, or how an amphibious party departs Gaylord [Focker?].

I thought I had two papers that I needed to turn in by midnight, tonight, to even pass the two classes I took this term.

If you've seen Half-Baked, you'll understand:
Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, you're cool, fuck you.

I just checked the points log for my Interpersonal Psych class, which has all the graded assignments, and their respective points, totals, and percentages. The paper I was struggling to get done for that class tonight? NOT ON THE LOG. *dance*

BTW, because I have *so* earned the right to be obnoxious about it... you all are looking at the LJ of the girl who got 100% on the homeworks, 100% on the midterm, 199 pts. out of 212 total pts. for the class, and a NINETY FUCKING FOUR for the class! Oontz oontz oontz oontz oontz.

Also, I fully got a 100% on my other class's midterm, and I'm pretty sure I got the same on the final and the homeworks, so this semester is gonna bring my GPA up! Like, a bunch. And the course director of the previous class has finally replied to me, and promised to sign off on my paperwork for his class, which should retroactively bump my grade up a full letter. The YAY formerly known as a whole bunch of really horribly mangled ebonics!

Good god, did I just write that? Wow, I need to figure out some ascii gang-signs to throw down, and I'm set. I'm such a loser. :)

Term's over, looks like smogging goodness is set for Saturday morning, and I've got tasty coffee.

...wow, I still can't get over my white-girl-ain't-got-no-rhythm display up there. Yeah, that's gotta go. You'll have to imagine it, sorry, I can't live with having written it on the internet, no matter how many idiots I'd then share my pedestal with. Bye.

I'ma go get a drink and wallow in some of this academic achievement. Of course, I have to be back at school early tomorrow a.m., so hopefully I manage to do some condensed wallowing, and get home at a reasonable hour. Then again, there's nothing like showing up hangover-fresh, to a professional roundtable that's intended to influence my career path. But whatever... to quote the classic, Why's everybody in such a fucking rush? Look out, Failsafe!

EDIT: Should have been, "Look out, Blackmail!" Derf.


This coast wants off the ride. My house does, too... can we stop the world for just one second, here?

We just had a 4.2M (according to early sources, 4.4 on others) earthquake, followed by a 2.8M one, not very far from my house. Intensity at my address is listed at a V, which is a midgrade-level quake, shaking-wise.

Think my house is actually leaning, now. It's a 20's house, so the corners aren't right anyway, but there's an odd list that's changed on the bedroom door. Guess time will tell on that one. Hopefully they'll find us when the roof falls on us in our sleep.

Yay for force majeure (sp?).


1. Previous post about Mackies was dumb. Had flipped around the stupid unreadable manual text, and lo and behold, they're attenuating at center, not boosting. Thanks to Roland for uttering the word "attenuation," and jump-starting my exhausted little brain.

2. NeuroGenesix presents NeuroSix:
Industrial-Strength Dance Music
Friday, March 9th at Julie's Supper Club

Residents: Apex, Kyronfive, and mal_entropy
Guest: Intoner
Video by maxMIN

Julie's is on Folsom just before 7th St.
Parking! You park at Jiffy Lube, we give you validation.
21+ (for now), FREE before 10 p.m., $5 after

Flyer-flood already in progress.
Missed NG6? Come out and make some noise with us at N6!
I can't fucking wait. :)

3. My school schedule next term is as follows:
Tuesday 8a-12p: American History (which I HATE)
Wednesday 4p-11p: Living in a Media World 1 (don't ask, I have no idea)
Thursday 8a-12p: American History (hello, rapid turnaround)
Friday 4p-11p: Living in a Media World 1
...oh JOY.

4. This academic term ends on 3/1. 3/2 is an Insider's Day, which means I have to be there all day. 3/3 is the 1st day of the next term. No rest for the, uh, worn out.

5. Yay Mental Health Parity passing! It's still got a way to go, but that was a huge obstacle to clear. Crazy people everywhere should be dancing.

6. Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist. For those of you that've seen Exorcist: The Beginning, I have to recommend you find Dominion somewhere. Same movie, same storyline, same studio, same release date. WTMF is my only reaction to the existence of Dominion, which is high on the MST3K-ability on a constant basis. Simon and I were hooting and yelling by 30 minutes in. Oh GOD.

7. Computer geeks: I'm trying to backup a bunch of app's onto DVD with my new burner, so's I can get them off my c drive, which is flagging, big-time. I don't have install media for most of it. How do I back this shit up, so's it'll be installable from DVD? I'd prefer to do so w/o buying any new software, but if it must be so... *sigh*

Audio argument

Being a lover of argument for its own sake, and technology (particularly if it's coupled with creativity/innovative), I'm totally excited by having generated this question a few days ago. And yes, I'm aware that being excited about it makes me a total geek. But the little voices in *my* head happily debate this kind of shit, all on their own, all the time.

As applied to the Mackie 1604 Pro/1642 compacts:
Mackie's own manual confirms that the channel faders are the last gain stages in the board's channel path. Normal.

With me so far?
Now, consider the possibility that you'll send a stereo signal (from any of the channels) directly to the main mix, through the L/R assign, and sending both the left and right signals at equal levels by centering the pan pot. A signal drop in the channel's output is mathematically impossible to avoid at this point; you'd normally have to open up the trim or bump up the fader to correct it.

Still with me?
The Mackie manual confirms that the pan pot is post-fader. Still normal.

Here's where it gets messy, though.
Mackie added a nifty feature that defeats the normal drop in the aforementioned stereo signal, which boosts the channel's gain in a linear relationship to the position of the pan pot, with maximum boost added when the pan is centered. Given that your post-fader signal's gain is now potentially being boosted before it hits the main mix, can you really consider the fader the last gain stage?

Anyone care to ring in? :)