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Nothing but Trouble and Desire

No Means Harder

31 July 1982
Apex: the point at which the turn is sharpest.
Speed is the key. Live floored.

VW Parts Salesperson. Equipped with catalogs and mental encyclopedia.
Theatrical Electrician. Equipped with multitool, wrench, flashlight, and love of ETC.
DJ/Promoter/Manager. Equipped with gear, flyers, dynamic rolling eyes, and beatmatching abilities of dubious nature.

ADR (former Promoter/Resident DJ)
NeuroGenesix (former Co-Promoter/Resident DJ)
Decay Industries (former Kitten Herder)

2 quick VW's and a cherry CB-1.

"Open your eyes, open your mouths, close your hands and make a fist."
!aljourgensen_omfgyumyumyum!, 5f_55, 8khz mono, accessory, adr, adrenochrome, aghast view, almodovar, antigen shift, ascii disko, atari teenage riot, autocrossing, ayn rand, bdsm, being grumpy, bigod 20, bill leeb, boots, britpop, c-tec, chaos, concrete blonde, corrados, curve, de la soul, dead milkmen, depeche mode, die warzau, dirt bikes, diverje, dj'ing, dj? acucrack, dna lounge, doggies, don delillo, donald hall, drinking, drugs, e. annie proulx, eating your babies, ebm, echo and the bunnymen, eek! the cat, electrics, ernest hemingway, fangirling, fear, foetus, forced induction, front 242, front line assembly, fucking with yuppies, gaff tape, gaudi, gear ratios, gear whoring, go, grunge, h.r. giger, hednoize, heinrich boell, hurricane #1, implant, industrial, jane tompkins, jeff noon, jello biafra, john irving, karma, kmfdm, knives, leather, libertarianism, lighting, longpigs, lush, lying to strangers, machines of loving grace, mansun, marshall mcluhan, marxism, meat beat manifesto, megadump, mind.in.a.box, minidiscs, ministry, minor threat, monism, monotone voices, murder one, muted logic, neurogenesix, no sound, noise unit, noize, objectivism, ogre, oi! warning, pain tolerance, panacea, phenomenalism, piercings, pimpin ain't easy, pop will eat itself, pow[d]er pussy, power tools, powerplay, pretty and twisted, psykosonik, pulse legion, pyrotechnics, queer politics, ray watts, reboot, riotgrrrl music, rivetbois, road racing, rock climbing, rolling my eyes, rotersand, run level zero, sarcasm, scrollers, seabound, self-injurious behavior, skinny puppy, soman, spectres of the spectrum, sport bikes, stage management, standby, stone roses, submission, synthetic hair, tattoos, technical theatre, the cure, the desert, the f-factor, the pixies, the smiths, the the, too much coffee man, vast, virtual embrace, volkswagens, wai pi wai, wax trax, wysiwyg, xlr cable